Işıldayan Hayatlar

We are all one, comes from the creator and will reach the creator. While we are on the way of lightened to evolve, the importance is to realise what kind of duties we have.

The souls always want to achieve their duties whereas most of the times the body and the mind couldn’t realise those duties during the lifetime.

Whoever wants to be enlightened and have a peaceful life full of divine love, have to finish his/her duties. According to accomplish, the first step might be the widen of awareness and let the burdens be free.

Işıldayan Hayatlar, means Shining Lives, was established to be a light and a pathfinder to all people who have burdens on her/his soul, body and/or mind.

Wide range of services are provided according to the requirements of soul. Therefore, at the beginning, understanding the messages of your soul is the key of healing.

All kind of therapies can be provided English also. So if you feel that you are unhappy/unsatisfied, or have any kind of problem, distress either in personal or business life, etc. Işıldayan Hayatlar is ready to be a translator of your soul.

Please don’t hesitate to ask details of our services via mail or phone.

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